Grow Your Business

Business Plan Failure #2 No Specific Goals

January 07, 2021 Paul Sweeney Season 1 Episode 3
Grow Your Business
Business Plan Failure #2 No Specific Goals
Show Notes

Why do so many businesses fail?  Our second reason for business plan failures is a lack of specific goals.

We discuss why having specific goals is an important part of creating your business plan.

In this series, we  will be looking at this idea of why just having a business plan is not enough. We'll look at five reasons why your business plan will fail.

We will identify and closely examine these reasons that business plans fail. And we're going to look at what you can do to overcome these reasons for failure.  Once we have identified the reasons, we'll explore the steps you need to take to achieve your goals by creating an achievable plan of action for your business.
Series Outline:

  •  Overview of why you need a business plan to be successful
  •  Business Plan Failure Reason  #1
  •  Business Plan Failure Reason #2
  •  Business Plan Failure Reason #3
  •  Business Plan Failure Reason #4
  •  Business Plan Failure Reason #5
  •  What Should be in a Business Plan?
  •  A Successful Approach to Business Planning

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